Once business owners become aware that there are such things as SEO strategies, the natural question they start asking is… What do I have to do to get my site on Google page one? And which SEO strategies work best?

Google’s ranking algorithm is highly secret but SEO (Search Engine Optimization) experts tell us that there are nearly 200 factors in the mix – and that the ranking formula is not static either.

How often Google changes its ranking method is not public knowledge, but they do tweak it as needed to deliver better search results and to remedy any irregularities that occur.

I’ve even read that Google changes several things in their algorithm pretty much every day.

However, it is widely agreed that the two MAIN areas that site owners need to address are “on page SEO” and “off page SEO”.

– On page SEO is about how well a site meets Google’s webmaster guidelines and that includes a bunch of what sounds like mumbo jumbo to most people — heading tags, meta tags, keyword density, keyword proximity, LSI, alt tags, internal navigation, etc.

– Off page SEO which is largely a matter of how many external links are pointing back to your site and the Google-assessed quality of those sites but it also includes more “mumbo jumbo” concepts such as link velocity, link juice and authority.

If you’re busy running your business, YOU DON’T HAVE TIME to become an expert in all that techie stuff. Fill in the form to your right to get it done for you.

When you click the “Tell me more” button, our autoresponder system will send you an email that gives you important information about our SEO optimization service including our pricing… which is well below what many others are charging because we work from home so we dont need to factor in the high costs of maintaining commercial premises.

“What SEO strategies & promotional methods do you use?”

For competitive reasons, I do not provide a detailed list of my methods. However I can tell you two things.

1. I do not use “black hat” or deceptive methods because any short term gains which these unethical methods might produce will be totally lost (and worse!) when the search engines discover your tricks — and they will discover ‘em… it’s only a matter of time.

2. I use a range of industry standard SEO strategies and I keep my eyes open for new software tools and SEO methods to help deliver the goods for my clients.

Which SEO strategies do you use?

Backlinking is one SEO strategy I use

A backlink is a link on another website that points to your website. It’s better (and this is what we do) if the link is a text link that contains keywords that are relevant to your site.

For example, get on Google page one. If you click on that link, it will take you to another of my websites which is all about how to get your site on page one of Google.

And since I’ve posted THOUSANDS of these keyword hyperlinks out there across the internet, you can do a Google search for “how to get on google page one” and Google will show you my site at or near the top of the search results page.

You can ask the same question in a lot of different ways and most of the time you’ll find my site on the first page. Typically near the top of the page.

For maximum effectiveness, I post links to a range of sites across the internet on various different IP addresses which is important for SEO (search engine optimisation) purposes. The linking networks I use include both public and private services, including my own blog empire (with multiple dozens of different IP addresses – and growing!) along with much larger commercial networks.

Frankly I find that my own personal network is entirely sufficient to deliver pleasing results to many local businesses. If needed, we can also use other networks.

Links are posted at many sites including high-PageRank sites that Google loves, using text links where your search terms are linked to relevant pages at your site. This increases the popularity ranking of your site and this helps to push your site up in the Google search results.

If you track it (and you can so using the free services at MajesticSEO.com), you will see your site getting more backlinks over a period of time, as it also climbs up in the Google search engine results for your search terms.

Article marketing

Another SEO strategy I also use is to publish articles. These articles are based on the content already on your site or supplied by you or sourced by myself or written by a professional writer for me. The articles will be linked back to your site using your search terms… the keywords that you and I have agreed on at the start of our doing business together.

Every article will have one or more links to your site. These links are viewed by Google as votes for your site and these “votes” are VERY IMPORTANT factors for securing a high position in the Google search results for your particular search terms (also known as keywords or keyword phrases).

The goal here is to multiply the number of backlinks pointing to your site, including getting links from “authority websites”.

These are PROVEN, well-known and conventional SEO strategies. There are no flaky or black hat SEO strategies here, okay. On top of that, I keep my ear to the ground (funny expression, eh) for new promotional techniques.

Will you keep my website on page one?

Getting your site onto page 1 is one thing. But that valuable listing on page 1 probably needs to be maintained. Why?

In the same way that I’m working to get your site into the Google Top Ten, others are trying to get there too. Once I get you onto page one, one website fall to page two and other promoters will want to push you out.

That’s why ongoing website promotion is important, although it is optional and you can cancel our ongoing SEO optimization service anytime you like. I don’t lock my clients into contracts.

Did you know ?

95% of searchers wont click on a paid listing. (source: Ryan Deiss 2010)

60% of customers distrust paid search ads. (source: eMarketer)

85% of searchers ignore paid listings. (source: Marketing Sherpa)

Get your site listed in the FREE search results. The nearer the top, the better.

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