So if you feel beginner to this whole blogging thing and also you want to know Where to set up a blog then We have some great solutions for you.

First you have to decide what you want this blog to become about, what niche do you think that you are going to write articles about?Once i say, “niche” I am saying the subject that the blog is going to be about. Some examples are: gambling, sports, finance,technology, and promoting your individual business.

There exists a lot of things you can write about in different niche, it just comes down to picking the only one you intend to promote. When you have established what you want to write about then you definitely must decide Where to set up a blog as well.

Where to set up a blog? – Free Solutions

There are bunches of varied websites that provide Free blogs your home might use.

The very best 3 I would suggest are:

  1. offered by our friends at Google, no cost blog that could be very generic however if you simply just like to write and provide information then this one is ok to use. Though you can change up color schemes and backgrounds, I say the word generic because it is that very customizable and you cannot push the button on your own domain name. No set-up time required.
  2. another great free platform. Considerably more customizable and integrated, as far as social websites and more themes. You are able to upgrade for almost $18 anually, use your own domain, and then for an additional $20 you can add space from 10-30 GB.
  3. WordPress is the greatest of which, since you can perform so much along with their blog platform. It includes by far the most customizable themes, integrated stats system, the chance to use custom plug-ins and widgets, and for slightly extra use your own area. WordPress blogs are widely used for internet business worldwide and ranks easier in Google.

There are other free blogging platforms such as Squidoo, TypePad Micro, Tumblr, and a lot more but they are most well-liked.

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